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setting up my facebook~

Here ya go: http://www.facebook.com/riversmoon13

Just another link on my list of links~ ve~

-River xxx

Styling my wigs
Becuase it takes so long to set everything up to film the cutting of my wigs - hence the reason my practise wig videos aren't even up. So I'm going to cut them off screen and style them off screen but do finishing touches and photos on video. Decision made. Of course, when I do put the finishing touches vids up - they'll have explanations of what I've done to the wig.

-River ^^ xxx

Midlands MCM Expo and Kitacon 2012!
Hey guys! As most of you (those who already know me) know, I'm attending Kitacon 2012 in April. After confirming that fact by paying for it and deciding 'I'm totally going in 2013 too!', I was kind of like......... One con a year? Need to find another!
A group of my college friends told me they were going to a con in Telford in February and asked if I wanted to come - saying it was only like £5 entry and you could pay on the door - naturally they were shocked when I said Kitacon had cost me £48 - I said I'd think about it.
After some searching I found a con on in Telford on Feb 18th and asked them if it was the right one - they said yes - BONUS!
So, now, after much rushed planning and general excitment on my part; I'm going to the Midlands MCM Expo in Telford, Feb 18th 2012!
HOWEVER! Time is now of the essence. I have 2 months until MCME (shortened Version for the con, just made it up) to get together a cosplay I planned last NIGHT.
I'll be going as Fem!Murkrow Gijinka.
And after THAT con, I have less than 2 months to finish up my other THREE cosplays for kitacon. Damn.

I have 2 months left to prepare for MCME.
I have 4 months left to prepare for Kitacon.

Kill me now.

And on that note - wish me luck (I desperately need it.)

Well, HI!
I'M HEREEEEEE!!!!!!!! Finally getting some more internet sites up!!!!!!!! ENJOYYY!!!!!!!

-River S. Moon xxxxxxxxx

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